Mario and Luigi costumes for every occasion

Mario and Luigi costumes are great fun, whether you’re out for a bachelorette party or heading to your grandparents’ house and fancy confusing them

Plumber Brothers costume

If you want to save money on something you might use at most once a year, this is the way to go. Sure, its low price means you shouldn’t be expecting quality materials, but they look the part for what you pay and are bound to get the job done. Also, they call them plumber brothers, which is hilarious.

Mario, Luigi, and more!

Here’s the best for those families out there – or if you struggle to decide. Here you can, of course, get classic Mario and Luigi, but you can also get child’s sizes and even be Lady Luigi or Mrs. Mario. How fun!

Mario Kart costume

If you want, you could also go as Mario’s favourite motor vehicle. For some reason this listing is titled “Nintendo Super Mario Bros Luigi Inflatable Costume”, but that’s clearly a car. If you like all things gear shifts and nice drifts, here ya go buddy.

Luigi Bad Guy costume

Another amusingly named listing, this Luigi bad guy costume is, well, clearly Waluigi. Except the purple is a little too dark. Still, this is cheap, and if you want to add the ‘wa’ to any Hallowaan party, this is the way to go. (Fun fact time, the ‘wa’ comes from the Japanese warui (悪い), meaning ‘bad’, hence Wario is bad Mario, Waluigi is bad Luigi!).

Princess Peach costume

If you find no joy in the patriarchy that is Mario and Luigi, then why not go for Princess Peach? While sadly fulfilling the tired damsel-in-distress trope in games, you could make a mark and change her reputation. For such an important character, for them to only be the lead in one game, Super Princess Peach, is a gosh darn outrage.

Super Brothers Princess Peach Costume For Women Halloween Cosplay Dress Womens-Small

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Okay, there you go, our favourite Mario and Luigi costumes, plus some extras for you contrarians out there. For more, check out our Mario characters and Mario Kart characters to learn all about the mushroom kingdom folk.

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